Monday, December 1, 2008

Runathon Day 1

I overslept by an hour, but still got out and got my run done. I need to go to bed an hour earlier. There's a big difference between 6 and 7 hours of sleep, and my body protested for 7 (and won). I walked 5 minutes, ran 20 minutes at an easy 10:45 average pace, and a 5 minute cool-down walk for a total of 30 minutes and 2.4 miles covered (Hey...I swam that in April). I headed east up Ft. Lowell at 6:30 AM when it was still dark and very cold out. I was in my geek squad outfit, with earwarmer headband, headlight, orange knitted gloves, and reflective please-don't-hit-me safety vest. When it's dark out it doesn't matter, but when heading back in the daylight this outfit is really goofy. Oh well. At least I was warm.

Mondays are normally my do-nothing rest days. Those are gone for the month now thanks to the runathon. At least my BeginnerTriathlete (BT) log will have pink squares on the calendar for the entire month. I don't think I've done that before.

With Dawn 2 Dusk on Saturday, I'll have to get my trail run done earlier in the week so that my legs aren't too trashed. I think I'll do it tomorrow and get it over with. The Agua Caliente Hill Trail is really technical at the beginning, so it's best that I wait until the sun is up before getting on the trail. If I leave my house by 6:30 AM, the sun should be up by the time I get to the trailhead. I'm thinking at that time of day I should have the entire trail to myself.

After my run today I tried a new powdered protein. I bought some whey protein at CVS, and bought a tin of vanilla and a tin of chocolate. The vanilla didn't taste very good on oatmeal, so after this morning's run I tried the chocolate in some milk. I tend to have chocolate milk after my runs anyways. It was a little frothier than Nestle Quick, but I was able to drink it pretty well. So that gives me 32 grams of protein as opposed to 9 in plain chocolate milk. I'm trying to increase protein intake as I don't think I get enough. One of the BT training coaches who is also vegetarian suggested that I try this. So we'll see how it goes and if it affects how I feel in training.

Tonight is the TTG holiday party, where I will be partaking of the many desserts that will be there. Hey, I did my run so I think it's ok. ;)

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