Thursday, December 25, 2008

Runathon Days 22-25

Day 22
This was an easy 2 miler, and when I set out from the house, the sun was setting. So I decided to head west so that I could enjoy the sunset on my run. The sky was an awesome fuschia color, and when I turned around at the 1 mile mark, the Rincon mountains and Reddington pass were a cool pink color. Definitely a good time to run.

Day 23
The day started with rain, so I decided to delay my run as long as possible. Just when I was coming to the reality that I may have to run in the rain, there was a break in the weather. I set out at 5:30 PM. I didn't want to go too far from home as the weather still looked dicey, so I did my usual run around the Lenher Schwerin neighborhood. I got home just as it was starting to sprinkle again. Treadmill avoided!

Day 24
Today was the Dawn Patrol run with Julie in Sabino canyon. This meant getting up with a 4:30AM alarm and getting to the parking lot by 5:15 AM. Sure enough, Julie pulled up. At 5:20 AM we set out, as no one else showed. This is the great thing about Julie, as I can always count on her to be there and force my butt to run. We went just past the 3 mile mark in the canyon before turning around. On the way out we finally started to come up on other people that were in the canyon with lights, so it was a little less creepy. After the run I went to Basha's and picked up donuts, came home and devoured 2 donuts, fed the doggies their breakfast, got a shower, and went back to bed. My plan was to nap for an hour. Well, 3 hours later I got up. Oops! Good thing I'm on vacation.

Day 25
I headed out first thing in the morning to get my 2 miles done before the day started to fill up with opening gifts. Since traffic was so light, I ran down Ft. Lowell and only got passed by 3 cars. No other runners or bikers were out. Kind of strange. I have a feeling that on New Year's that's going to change.

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