Friday, December 12, 2008

Runathon Day 12 & Bribing Friends

Sunrise pics from this morning:

Today was a quick 2 mile run. I decided to push the pace, as I figured the faster I go, the less time I have to spend running. Well into Week 2 of the runathon, and I don't love running yet. Still, I'm running more than I'm swimming right now, which is none. I averaged 8:42 for the first mile, and 8:57 for the 1.75 miles overall. Then a nice, easy 0.25 mile walk.
Tomorrow is the AES Kentucky Camp Epic ride. Liane is already planning to DNF the ride, as she too has a work-related holiday party tonight (her reasons for attending her office party are probably slightly different and more positive than mine), and the weather is probably going to be less than ideal. It was tough to convince her to even show up as she has a strict "I don't do races unless there's a finisher's medal" policy. I am not above bribing my friends in doing races and events with me, so I made Liane a finisher's medal. She doesn't get it unless she finishes tomorrow's ride...he he. If she DNFs, I may just keep it and pretend it's my Snow Valley medal, thus replacing the cheap piece of plastic that is the real "medal." Or I'll save it and use it to bribe her for future races. It sure would look nice on a Christmas tree though. ;)

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