Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Runathon Day 30 & 31, The FINAL day!

Day 30
My day was busy working on re-finishing cabinets. Throughout the day I kept saying, "I'll go out and run later." But then I'd get hungry and eat lunch or something, and then have to wait even longer. Finally I decided to mask the ceiling of the room, go for my run, eat dinner, and go to bed. I did have Dawn Patrol the next day, and I didn't want to be up late again. So at 8 PM I put on my headlamp and ran Lenher Schwerin AGAIN. Yes, that's right, the same horrible run as yesterday. I'm ok with that though. Running the same route over and over again ruins it, and ruining the Lenher Schwerin route isn't a bad thing. Rarely do I run at Udall Park anymore because that got ruined with Ironman training.

The last day of the runathon fell on a Wednesday, which meant Dawn Patrol at Sabino Canyon would be my last run of the year. I got up at 4:30 AM and met Julie and the gang in the parking lot at 5:20 AM. By 5:25 AM we were running. Here's where things get strange. I had to take it easy because I'm planning on doing the Egg Nog Jog 5K tomorrow. WHAT?!?! Yes, more running. I want to run the 5K as a test to see if anything changed due to the Runathon. And I have to pay money to push myself and it helps to have other people to chase. This was the only 5K I could find on January 1st in Tucson (kind of strange) so tomorrow I'll be driving to Continental Ranch on the other end of the earth to run 3.1 miles as an encore runathon performance.

So anyways, I took it easy at the canyon, and completed 3.47 miles. This closed out the end of the Runathon. I made it! I ran everyday in December!!!

I also need to post an overall Runathon report, but that deserves it's own post. :)

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