Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Runathon Day 9

Today's trail run didn't happen as I overslept. So I did a quick 2 miler on the trail that I fell on last week to avoid having any mental block about it. In the rocky sections where I fell I worked on picking up my feet extra high.

I am really missing my dedicated rest days where I don't do anything, not even a 2 mile run. That will be the first thing to get added back in after the December Runathon. I'm so used to having a day where I don't worry about anything training-wise that now I really miss it. And it's only Week 2!

Tomorrow is the dawn patrol run with Julie and TJ. I have everything packed and ready to go, and 4 alarms set for 4:30 AM, including my cell phone positioned across the room.

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