Thursday, December 11, 2008

Runathon Day 11

First, Liane has posted her Dawn to Dusk race report. And thanks to Nate for the cool photos of our team during the race.

I should just stop with the runathon posts as they are getting pretty boring. Today I couldn't find my house key and spent way too long looking for it before my run. So I only did the minimum 2 mile run. I'm now going to push the trail run to Sunday when I have more time and will be able to run in ample daylight.

Tomorrow will be another 2 miler so that I don't kill my legs before the Kentucky Camp Epic ride. Not good to pre-trash the legs. I have to pack everything this evening since tomorrow night is a company party. I'm only going so that I can see people that I hate from work drunk off their ass.

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