Sunday, December 21, 2008

Runathon Day 21 and Week 3 summary

Day 21
I wanted to get some projects done around the house, like painting my workout room closet and sanding more cabinets, so I pushed this run out until the afternoon. For some reason, Zac wanted to go too. So we set out at 3:40 PM in shorts, short sleeved shirts, and sunglasses. I've noticed that this month I've run very few times in sunglasses because most of my runs are at night. We did a quick 1/4 mile warm-up, a 2 mile run, and a 1/4 mile cool-down.

Week 3 Summary
Monday = 2.00 miles
Tuesday = 2.00 miles
Wednesday = 6.00 miles
Thursday = 2.01 miles
Friday = 2.01 miles
Saturday = 5.03 miles
Sunday = 2.54 miles
TOTAL = 21.59 miles

Next week is the last full week of the Runathon, followed by a 1/2 week. I'm almost there!

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