Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Runathon Day 10

Julie is evil!!!

Ok, maybe it was because I was shining my snake eyes light at her.

This morning Julie and I met up for our Wednesday Dawn Patrol run at the canyon. Just as I was getting into a groove, she pulls me off the road and yells "Go right!" and we're on Bear Canyon Rd. I've never done this road, and found that in the dark it gets interesting. I was either slogging uphill or flying downhill. I really need to see this place in the daylight. We did a total of 4.04 miles, and at the end I was feeling pretty good. In the future (when it's light out) we may run Bear Canyon Rd first, then do Sabino Canyon. That would be quite the 10 miler.

Tomorrow I shall try to get up on time and get out the door to do the Agua Caliente Hill trail run.

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