Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Runathon Day 2

That would be the sunrise hitting the Catalina mountains, and the view from the Agua Caliente Hill Trail this morning.

Once again I overslept and got out the door late for my run. I wanted to get my trail run done early in the week, so I decided today would be the day. Of course, I decided this yesterday. I wasn't feeling it this morning. I did a 5 min walk, a 22 min run to the trail head (if you can call 12:28 avg pace a "run"), ran/hiked 1/2 a mile in and back on the trail (took 17:48 to do that mile), ran home (10:50 average, which is better) and a 5 min cool down walk. This was a total of 5.11 miles. I had no energy and was going really slow. I can't believe how slow I was going! My guess is the lack of dinner last night. I went straight to the TTG party after work, and didn't have any dinner. Well, "dinner" was chips and salsa, potato chips, and cookies. Hmmm...maybe this is why I felt like crap this morning? Oh well. The party was fun though!

I have to remember that not every run can be a good run, and probably over the next 30 days there will be a few runs like this. I did see 4 deer as I left the trail, though. They were munching away on barrel cactus fruits.

Tomorrow I HAVE to get up early and be on time as I told Julie I would run Sabino Canyon with her ("run" being a loose term). I'm hoping having an appointment to run with someone will help me get out of bed early. We are meeting at 5:20 in the AM, so I have to be up by 4:30. Yikes! But I'll get my run done nice and early and have the rest of the morning open.

So my trail run goal for the week is done. The trail is so much fun. I'm thinking I may host a post-runathon trail run/hike party on January 3rd on the trail. We can hike/run up the trail a bit, come back down, and then have a picnic lunch at Agua Caliente park that's just a few miles away.

Total number of words in " " in this post = 3.

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