Sunday, November 30, 2008

December Runathon Goals

Tomorrow kicks off the December Runathon with the Tucson Tri Girls. Alejandra posted this idea to the group, and I jumped on board. The goal of the runathon is to run everyday in December, with a minimum run of 2 miles each day. I really need to improve my run. At the PBR off-road tri I had a mid-pack swim, 2nd fastest bike, and slowest run in my AG. That's just not acceptable. So this will help motivate me to get out there and run.

I have some additional goals for the runathon, and divided them up into A and B goals (A is most important). So here they are:
  • Run everyday in December and not miss a day. A
  • Minimize treadmill running. B
  • Do my trail run at least once a week. (Run from my house and do part of the Agua Caliente Hill Trail). A
  • Try to go 0.5 miles further up the trail each time I do the ACH trail run. B
  • Keep this blog updated with my Runathon results. A :)

The Agua Caliente Hill trail is 2 miles from my house, but the first part is crazy hard and steep. I figured if I can get strong running up that, I'll be in good shape for other trail runs, especially those in XTERRA.

This weekend is the Dawn 2 Dusk mountain bike race, and the weekend after that is the Kentucky Camp epic mountain bike race. So I'll have to run before those races, as I'm pretty sure I won't feel like running after.

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Chad said...

Good running plan.