Saturday, November 29, 2008

Starr Pass

Today was an absoloutely awesome day to be out on the trails. Our friend Jeff (who is in a band with Zac) wanted to do a ride, so we settled on Starr Pass. We hit the trail a little after 9 AM. It was a bit chilly at the start, but quickly warmed up to a comfortable temperature. Less than 2 miels in I was stripping off my arm warmers.

Given the recent rains, the trail was in great shape. It was nice and tacky without being muddy. Jeff had a few mechanicals, with a slit sidewall and a snapped chain. We couldn't believe it as this was the 4th or 5th ride on the bike! But this gave me a chance to take some great pics.

This is at the top of Goat Hill. On the other side of the saddle is Gates Pass. Jeff and Zac and in the small clearing below, fixing the chain.

While I snacked on Shot Blocks, they made their way up the hill. Zac climbing:

And Jeff and Zac:

We finished up right around 11:30 AM and hit Chipotle for recovery burritos. We covered 9.5 miles today, which was the perfect distance for having fun and not killing ourselves. I'll be killing myself next weekend in the Dawn 2 Dusk race with Liane. Given the recent rains, and our past history, I have ordered a motocross mud coat to pack just in case of bad weather. Hopefully the weather from this weekend carries over in to next weekend and I won't need it.

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