Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Squeeze the Lemmon and get cookies

We made it! The climbfest is over. This Saturday, Zac, Tammy, Johnny, and I all climbed to the top of Mt. Lemmon. We graduated and concluded the Lemmon Squeezy summer rides. It took me 3 hrs 13 min to climb the 25 miles to the top. 5500 ft of leg-busting climbing, and I only took 1 rest break at mile 11 to wipe the salt from my face.

I'm glad this is over. Now I can get my Saturdays back. I learned that for climbing, one really needs to just go to Palisades. You climb a little after that, but then descend to Summerhaven. Meaning, you have to climb back OUT of Summerhaven after you have gorged on cookies, pizza and pie.

The mountain to climb:
Who says tri bikes don't have luggage space? This is how I carried my jacket:
Bikes at the top:
Me and Johnny at the Cookie Cabin:
Me and my cookie, with a Coke for size reference:
Zac opted for the pizza:
Heading down the descent as the rain clouds rolled in:

8000 ft elevation sign:

The back side of Thimble Peak:

The storm clouds we rolled through on the way down:


Jen said...

Now THAT'S a cookie! Glad you guys enjoyed "the squeeze".

Chad said...

Very nice pics and time. I typically stop by the general store for some beer and gatorade. Hmmmm.

Could you imagine descending back to Tucson only to have to ride back up to Summerhaven? Check my blog tomorrow :)