Friday, July 11, 2008

Creative commuting

Well, if I decide to do the SOMA half ironman, the training plan started this week. I'm following the plan (figuring the volume will help with getting to the Tahoe XTERRA) but I'm not sure about the race. Then again, I've had 2 months off of "structured" training, so after a few weeks of training I may feel different and sign up for SOMA.

My bike commute into work is 25 miles one-way (route below). I try to do this commute 2x per week when we work on Fridays, and 1x on the off-Friday weeks. But that gives me 50 miles a day if I bike to and from work in the same day. With the half iron training plan, I need to start running more. So this week I got creative. On Tuesday I brought 2 pairs of work clothes, 1 pair of running gear, and 2 lunches, and stored them in my locker at the gym that's on our plantsite. On Wednesday I rode my bike into work in the morning. In the afternoon I changed into my running clothes and got on the bus. The bus took me to Speedway and Harrison, which is the closest it comes to my house. My bike stayed at work overnight while I ran home, a total of 5 miles. The next morning I got up and ran to the bus stop in my running gear, rode the bus to work, and then rode my bike home. So this gave me 25 miles of biking and 5 miles of running each day. The only rough part was getting up at 4AM on Wed and Thurs to get to the bus on time. Oh, and this saved 100 miles off my Jeep, which is always nice with gas prices being the way they are.

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