Wednesday, October 8, 2008

XTERRA Nationals - Day 3: Outhouse Races

Saturday - 10/4/08

The day before the XTERRA Nationals was the XTERRA Nevada race. This race was open to everyone and consisted of a 750 m swim, 32K bike, and 5K run. So they shared the bike course with the Nationals course, but had half the swim and run to do. That morning it was very stormy, and with the waves and chop on Lake Tahoe they canceled the swim! So racers did a duathlon instead.

At the expo, Liane found her future tri bike:
Since the weather was crappy, we opened up the Calendar of Events for the Tahoe area and found that the XTERRA Nationals weekend was competing against the World Championship Outhouse Races in Virgina City. Virginia City was on the same side of the lake we were on, so we hopped in the car and headed to the races.

Virginia City was an "old west" town that wasn't fake.
The coolest name for a saloon!

A small section of Main Street was blocked off for the outhouse races. The yellow one was named "The Urinator."
The "Flapper Crapper."
The outhouse races were hilarious! Everyone went all-out on the decorations. We only saw 5 outhouses, so Liane and I are thinking of switching sports and dominating the world outhouse racing scene.
We got back to Incline Village just in time to go to the pre-race meeting and the awards dinner for the regional championships. I had ended up first in points in my age group for the southwest region, so I had a jersey to pick up!
Sunset on Lake Tahoe:
Liane and I before the dinner:

We noticed a boat sinking in the lake:

Chowing down at the dinner:
One of the rare pictures of Nate (our personal paparrazi):
Liane caught this cool pic of my name really big on the screen:

The Southwest XTERRA regional champs:

My really cool jersey!
The awards dinner ended at 9 PM, which would usually be pretty late for triathletes, but our race didn't start until 9 AM. I think that's the mountain bike influence. Mountain bikers are notorious for partying hard, and don't want to get up early.
Liane and I went back to the condo and started packing our gear for tomorrow's race.

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