Tuesday, September 9, 2008

XTERRA Regional Champion!

I was able to stay at the top in points, most likely because everyone else in my age group stopped racing, or only did 1-2 races this year. I did 3. So that means I have ended up as the 2008 XTERRA W30-34 Southwest Regional Champion (according to the official PDF). That means I get invited to the Night of Champions at Tahoe, and I think a cool jersey is part of the deal. At least that's what I can tell from Google:

2007 Night of Champions

2007 Jersey

Good thing I am going to Tahoe! I can't wait!!!


Holly said...

OMG! <--- I never say that. Awesome! You're so good at achieving goals, you should give a conference on it. I will attend if donuts are involved.

wndranne said...

Yeee haw!! That is so awesome!

I second the donut thing...

PirateGirl said...

Thanks so much!!

How about we just have a conference on donuts. ;)