Sunday, January 10, 2010

Merry Christmas from the AZ Trail!

Yes, I know. Christmas was last month. I'm still catching up.

The training plan for Christmas morning said I could do an hour run anywhere, so I decided on a trail run on the AZ Trail. I chose the Sycamore Reservoir trail (#39) from Prison Camp to the Sycamore Canyon Reservoir. This section is in wilderness, so mountain bikes aren't allowed on this section of trail. I always like to trail run the AZT sections that I can't bike.

Zac and I hit the trail at 9 AM and were the only ones heading out. The trail starts by the corrals in the Prison Camp campground, and heads up a hillside and then down into a wash. We started our run in the wash and climbed up to the saddle where the official AZ Trail sign is.

We then had a lot of downhill leading to the reservoir. Some sections were quite rocky.

View of Thimble Peak:

Zac and I at Sycamore Reservoir with Thimble Peak in the background:

There was quite a bit of water flowing down the reservoir to the stream below. The snow on Mt. Lemmon was already melting.

Zac by the reservoir:

I hiked down a bit down a steep slope to get a few more pics. Yes, risking my life for pics! ;)

Better view of the steep reservoir wall:
That would be ice in the stream below. The water flowing down the reservoir ended up below the ice.

View of the saddle on our climb back up. The saddle is where the AZT sign is.

That morning we were the only people on the trail. We only saw 2 other hikers coming up the other side of the saddle as we headed down. After we left the parking lot, there was a lot of traffic heading up Catalina Highway...most likely people going up to play in the snow. Overall it was a great way to spend Christmas morning!

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