Sunday, August 16, 2009

Final Lemmon Squeezy Ride

July 25th was our final ride on Mt. Lemmon in the Lemmon Squeezy series. We had a great turnout of riders!

Group photo taken by Johnny:

Everyone could go as far as they wanted, and Krista, Anne, Zac, Craig, Johnny, Erik, and Russ made it to the top and the Cookie Cabin. Of course, it wasn't exactly without drama. Clouds rolled in as we climbed, and each person hit rain at some point in the ride. I was almost to Summerhaven and was on the last downhill. Going downhill in the rain on the brakes isn't exactly fun. Zac and Russ hid out in the shelter of a bathroom porch while Erik risked it and continued on.

The rain was cold, and cyclists warmed up by the fire of the Cookie Cabin. Freezing cold and fire in July? Yeah, only on Mt. Lemmon. I had pizza and Coke right away after my ride, and it was the first ride to the top that I had done non-stop. I clipped in at Mile 0 and didn't clip out and stop until Mile 25. With the rain it was quite awhile before Zac rolled up. Then we moved downstairs into the sun to dry out and Krista and Anne rolled up, completing their ride. It was Anne's first ride to the top! I was at the Cabin for 4 hours that day, but it was time to go when the clouds started rolling in again. Zac, Erik and I took off and made stops all the way down. Krista and Anne got caught in the rain with a flat and called Leslie for a ride down from Windy Pt as running water just about washed Krista's bike away.

So it was an interesting end to our series of Easy Peasy Lemmon Squeezy rides this year. See you next year!

Johnny left motivational notes in chalk on the way up:

Except this one wasn't motivational.

The group at the top. Me, Johnny, Craig.

Zac, Russ, and Erik:

Zac, Anne, Krista, and Erik:

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