Friday, July 3, 2009

Box Canyon Hike

The Firecracker Tri is this Sunday, so I decided to skip the Lemmon Squeezy ride this week in order to avoid killing my legs. This morning I downloaded MapSource for my Garmin etrex Venture HC and the AZ topo maps, and uploaded the Mt. Lemmon area. I decided to play with my Garmin's color maps on a hike first, rather than a bike ride.

We decided to hit the Box Canyon trail on Mt. Lemmon. It starts out nice and green, even though many of the trees were burned a few years ago.

Zac tried out his new trail runners on this hike to get more time in them and to see how they would feel over rocks.

We hit the fork to the Box Spring and decided to take that trail. Here's the view at the top, just past the turnoff at the fork.
The trail got pretty steep and technical. But it was nice and green with plants growing everywhere.

This is one of the vertical sections where we had to climb up a small wall of rock. Trail finding became difficult not too long after this.

We decided to take a break and stop at Box Spring, which is in the middle of the trail. A storm was moving in, so we turned around at this point and headed back out so that we wouldn't get caught on steep, muddy trails.

Our turnaround point.

We hiked a total of 3.5 miles. Next time we might just stay on the Box Canyon Trail (#22) rather than taking the side trail (#22A). The sign at the trailhead said 13.8 miles to the Sabino Canyon parking area, so someday we may trail run from the top down. We can leave one car at Sabino and drive the other to the trailhead, then go and get the other car after the run. I know in the mountain bike world this is called "shuttling" but I don't know what they call it in the trail runner world. So I'm just going to call it shuttling. We will need to wait for cooler weather though, so it may be a trip we do in the fall.

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