Friday, August 29, 2008

The latest in trail fashion

All of this riding on the AZ Trail has put any future pantyhose modeling career in jeopardy. So I decided last weekend to wear the latest trail fashion creation on my ride.

Meanwhile, Zac tried out the new DeSoto "Cool Wings."

And here's where we rode. We tried the Italian Springs side of the AZ Trail, and found out this is best done as an out & back.
View from the trail.

And another AZT sign while Zac tries to figure out where we are going.

Today's ride was boring. Just a quick jaunt up Redington Road up to Mile 10, where we turned around and came back. I wasn't feeling it today, nor was my stomach. While we checked out the map (I like trail maps) I chewed down half a Cliff bar, which felt like rocks in my stomach. I decided it was best to turn around before things got worse. We still got in 24 miles of riding, and lots of climbing. All this climbing training better pay off at Tahoe.

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